Small aggregates crushing machine

Ultra-fine grinding machine milling production of finished product fineness of the size of the user is an important indicator of the pursuit of ultra-fine grinding equipment into the fineness of the device has two, one is grinding part, one is the separator, the following To understand the fineness of finished material regulation.

Decisive ultrafine milling machine finished material fineness of the primary factor is the distance between the roller and the disc, the distance between the size of the material determines the size of the material, but also determines the size of finished product fineness The Ultra-fine grinding machine roller and the distance between the disc needs to rely on ultra-fine milling machine to limit the device to adjust the ultra-fine grinding of the limit device is to meet the user's demand for material fineness, and in order to Avoid the direct contact between the disc and the roller to produce wear and wear. Ultrafine milling machine milling production because of the required fineness of different materials, and the fineness of the size of the adjustment need to rely on the distance between the disc and roller to achieve, so the installation of the limit device. When the spacing between the disc and the roller becomes large, the material is large due to insufficient milling, and when the pitch between the two becomes smaller, the fineness of the finished product becomes thinner.

Another factor that determines the fineness of the finished product is the speed of the separator, the speed of the separator is played a second check, and when the milled material is brought to the election Machine, some materials can be through the separator, and other materials can not, which played a role in the election powder, but also played a role in determining the fineness of finished products. Ultra-fine milling machine in the separator speed can be self-regulation, when the powder machine speed, the same fineness of the material and the same large wind can not pass the separator, can only fall to the grinding chamber And then fine grinding of the material is small particles in the same speed and the same wind under the action can be through the separator, so as to achieve the purpose of powder selection, but also to complete the fineness of finished products Regulatory effect.

In addition to the above factors can affect the fineness of refined materials, ultra-fine grinding of the various properties and components and other factors will also affect the fineness of finished products. When the grinding roller and grinding disc because of grinding materials and wear or powder machine wear and tear will lead to changes in finished product fineness, the user needs timely attention and timely maintenance.