Sand making machine in the machine production line in the magical effect

Sand making machine, also known as sanding machine, sand and gravel sanding the most commonly used type of sand making equipment, different from other types of crushing machinery, which is mainly the use of "stone stone" and "stone blacksmith" two broken principle mutual Combined with the use, and then make the crushed gravel finished grain excellent, gradation reasonable, fully able to meet the current harsh mechanism of sand production process needs, so in the current artificial sand production line in the sand equipment has an undeniable important position The Based on this, the following will be used for sand making machine in the production line of the knowledge of a brief introduction, the specific details are as follows:

First, the sand made by the sand production line sand production process

Under normal circumstances, the individual sand machine can be used mainly for short-distance machine sand processing, if the need for long-line sand treatment, it also needs to cooperate with other sand auxiliary equipment, such as: jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand washing machine and some Feeding, conveying equipment to form a complete system of sand production line. The specific production line process is as follows:

Under normal circumstances, the machine sand production line processing technology generally includes crushing, screening, sanding three steps. The first use of jaw crusher and cone crusher on the ore material for coarse and broken; and then transported to the sanding machine for crushing and shaping; Finally, the use of shaker sieve will be sieved into different specifications, a small amount did not reach the fineness The required material to return to the sanding machine for re-processing, thus forming a closed-loop system to ensure that the gravel requirements.

Second, the mechanism of sand production line selection sand making advantages

1, gravel finished grain shape: compared to other crushing machinery, the sand machine not only the high efficiency of Sand making machine, but also has a certain sand shaping effect, after its treatment of sand and gravel products are mostly cube, plasticity ;

2, the production of high efficiency: the use of new five-hole rotor configuration, making the material impact collision frequency has accelerated, and then make the new sand making machine sand production efficiency is higher than the same size of traditional technology and equipment 35% -50%

3, high environmental protection: the device's internal use of the vortex chamber with a unique air circulation from the device, thereby reducing the external air volume, in order to reduce dust pollution.