What are the effects of impact blocks in sand making equipment?

Sand making machine is a professional mechanism for the production of sand efficient equipment, in the broken stone due to the high hardness of stone materials produced by sand molding materials are imported high quality alloy forging, wear strength and toughness.

In the sand making machine equipment has an important parts, such as sand making machine, diamond-shaped combination of impact block (throwing head) instead of the whole shape of the wood hammer and square combination of impact block. Impact block alloy is required, we require hard and not brittle, tough and firm, to high temperature performance. Domestic technology is absolutely leading. Obvious advantages: greatly improve the efficiency, service life than high manganese steel increased 3-5 times. Improve the production and quality of gravel production, reduce production and consumption costs. Rhombic combination impact block advantages: the use of foreign high-quality alloy instead of the traditional domestic manganese steel and cast alloy pieces; equipment wear, crushing efficiency is higher. The biggest advantage of the diamond-shaped combo block is that it can also be used at the same time to improve the utilization of the material, but also effectively protect the life of the sand making machine.

SBM sand making machine manufacturers specializing in the production of sand making equipment life than the original product to improve more than five times, is the cement plant limestone, SBM, brick shale, coal stone, coke, metallurgy, glass, coal, mine ore Kind of broken special equipment.