Iron Ore Crushing Machine

Introduction of the iron ore

Iron ore is an important raw material of steel producers, iron ore after crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, re-election and other procedures select of iron. Iron ore is economies of iron or iron compounds containing mineral aggregates.

Common iron ores are magnetite, hematite, limonite, siderite, and other pyrite, blue iron ore. The first four types are usually used to make iron and pyrite is mainly used for production of sulfuric acid and sulfur extraction, with the production of iron , while the blue iron is one of the world's most famous gems, easily oxidized in air, is a very precious materials.

Introduction of various iron ore

Magnetite: mainly Fe3O4, is the highest grade of iron ore. Hematite: the main component of iron oxide, i.e. Fe2O3.Also has the high grade. Siderite: low grade, ferrous carbonate. Blue Iron: hydrated iron phosphate. Pyrite: FeS2 , sulfur content is high.

Iron ore crushing machine: iron ore crushing process analysis

Magnetite iron ore is high grade ore, quality pure magnetite iron can directly put into the furnace. But eventually associated ore is more, for some high impurity content of magnetite must have a simple crushing and screening, grinding, magnetic separation, to produce concentrates.

Hematite, magnetite process is almost the same.

Pyrite mainly used to produce sulfuric acid by-product is iron. It also must go through the process of crushing.

How to choose the iron ore crusher

Iron ore crushing and grinding machines, mainly include primary crushing, middle crushing, grinding equipment, jaw crusher is the most common primary mineral processing equipment, PE1200 * 1500, PE1000 * 1200, PE900 * 1000, PE600 * 900 are widely used mining equipment, according to different yield, you must make a reasonable choice(our sales manager will based on years of experience give you useful suggestions). Jaw crusher is the main design of simple structure, easy to understand the principle, easy maintenance, large feed opening, the cost is low, very suitable for crushing operations. It is very popular.

Cone crusher is usually used for medium and finely crushing, generally in the crushing of iron ore will be divided into two crush stages, mainly the medium broken section, you can take the standard type cone crusher which has large feed opening, the output size of material is in 20mm or more, in the finely crushing process can use the short head type cone crusher, fineness of output can be well controlled, reaches 13mm or less, the minimum output size currently can reach is 6mm.

Iron ore crushing machine: what are the suitable grinding mills after crushing

Grinding equipment mainly has the coarse and fine grinding equipment, coarse equipment mainly refers to the cone mill, which is more suitable for the coarse pyrite tailing, effectively raising the grade of iron ore, make the gangue get good stripping, which shorted the mill operating time, saving energy.

The second is the ball mill, its mainly made by high alloy chromium alloy, which is the most wear-resistant tool steel, suitable for iron ore grinding. But need to constantly rotating the ball mill to projectile steel ball, so its energy consumption is the major plagued problems.

Iron ore crushing machine: recommended equipment combinations

For the average grade of iron ore, jaw crusher and cone crusher can be done ore crushing, after magnetic separation can be obtained a relatively high grade ore, and for the poor iron ore, we must join the grinding links, con milling machine is that you can choose as a coarse grinding, it is the milestone in development and utilization of poor iron, and it is quite a large-scale production capacity of the device. Single maximum capacity can reach 60-80 tons / hour, with the completion of the ball mill grinding and magnetic separator.