Gypsum processing equipment

Introduction to gypsum

Gypsum is a monoclinic non-metallic mineral, the color is usually white, colorless, gray, with glass luster, in industrial materials and construction materials in the application is very extensive. China's plaster reserves are very rich reserves, more reserves in Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Hunan, Qinghai, Ningxia, Tibet, Sichuan and other places.

In order to improve the comprehensive utilization of gypsum, the need for gypsum crushing, grinding, screening, cleaning and other processes of processing, gypsum processing equipment used in the equipment are broken equipment, grinding equipment, screening equipment and cleaning Equipment, the following SBM machine for everyone to introduce several widely used and better effect of gypsum processing equipment for the processing plant gypsum processing technology to provide the basis for the design.

Gypsum crushing and processing equipment

Gypsum crushing equipment on the market more types, jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, composite crusher, roller crusher, cone crusher, the best sales, the application of the most Good gypsum crushing equipment for the jaw crusher and impact crusher, the two devices are so hot, stems from its unique performance characteristics, the following two of the performance characteristics of the device briefly.

1, jaw crusher performance characteristics
  • (1) simple structure, easy manipulation. Jaw crusher structure design is not only novel and beautiful unique, and the internal structure is relatively simple, less design components, whether it is installed, operation, or maintenance are very simple, do not need to spend too much time, and not prone to Mistakes.
  • (2) professional and targeted: the equipment is through the introduction of advanced German crusher manufacturing technology, and joined the traditional jaw crusher unique advantages developed from, so with other manufacturers unparalleled professional, and The equipment is also very consistent with the crushing of the characteristics of the gypsum, targeted relatively strong.
  • (3) durable, long life: the equipment of each component of the material are selected the world's most high-end, the most advanced wear-resistant materials casting, the quality is reliable, more durable, greatly extended the use of the device life.
  • (4) bearing capacity, processing capacity: the equipment of the bearing design for the unique spherical bearing mode, so that the bearing force is relatively uniform, carrying capacity greatly enhanced, the processing capacity of gypsum is relatively large, to improve the production of equipment to play Play an important role.
  • (5) Crushing efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection: Compared with the same specifications of the jaw crusher, SBM machine jaw crusher crushing efficiency increased by 50% or more, energy consumption reduced by about 30%, during the operation More green.
2, the impact of crusher performance characteristics
  • (1) impact crusher using advanced keyless connection, the operation process more coherent, the failure rate is relatively low, to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.
  • (2) the operator can adjust the size of the gypsum by adjusting the size and shape of the gypsum by adjusting the gap between the counter and the rotor to meet the different requirements of the size and shape of the gypsum. The size of the gypsum is very uniform and the quality is better The
  • (3) due to the impact of crusher unique cavity design, making the device crushing ratio is greater, more fragmentation, crushing efficiency is higher.
  • (4) The equipment of the hammer and other wearing parts are used in the domestic super-wear-resistant high-chrome material casting, has a very good wear resistance, impact resistance and toughness, equipment, longer service life.
  • (5) the equipment running in the process of low energy consumption, low failure rate, so whether electricity or maintenance costs are relatively small, greatly reducing the production and processing costs of gypsum.
Gypsum grinding equipment

Gypsum grinding equipment commonly used for the ball mill and Raymond Mill, the following two characteristics of the grinding equipment for a brief introduction.

1, the characteristics of the ball mill
  • (1) grinding technology advanced, targeted: the introduction of the equipment of the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries of the advanced milling technology, combined with the characteristics of gypsum, developed this specifically for gypsum grinding equipment, grinding technology is very advanced , Targeted relatively strong, grinding effect is better.
  • (2) large processing capacity, high yield: SBM machine on the ball mill feed and drive device was optimized to improve the amount of gypsum feed, production also significantly improved.
  • (3) grinding efficiency, stable operation: the unique grinding principle of the device, so that the grinding efficiency than the same specifications of the ball mill increased by 40% or more, the operation process is relatively stable and reliable.
  • (4) low energy consumption and low cost: the energy consumption and power consumption of the equipment decreased by about 30% year on year, the grinding cost of gypsum is low, which can save a lot of production cost for gypsum factory.
2, Raymond Mill characteristics

Raymond mill grinding grain size than the ball mill finer, if the user size of the gypsum powder size requirements are very high, you can buy this Raymond Mill. The equipment is made of the world's top processing technology, each component of the material selection are the most wear-resistant, the most high-end materials, so with unparalleled grinding effect, the service life than other milling equipment 30% the above. In addition, the equipment of another major performance advantage is that the equipment in the operation of the gypsum powder loss is relatively small, dust pollution is small, can effectively improve the comprehensive recovery of gypsum powder to ensure the safe and environmentally friendly operation of equipment.

Gypsum sieving processing equipment

Gypsum after crushing, grinding the need for its necessary screening classification, gypsum screening commonly used processing equipment for the circular vibrating screen, the equipment screening process is more fine, and has a high screening efficiency, easy installation, easy operation, Low energy consumption, low failure rate, high degree of automation advantages, therefore, is widely used in gypsum processing production line.

Gypsum cleaning equipment

In order to improve the purity and quality of the final gypsum powder, it is usually necessary to configure a gypsum sand washing machine in the gypsum processing line. SBM machine for the nature of gypsum developed this gypsum sand washing machine, professional and targeted relatively strong, with high cleaning efficiency, large capacity, sand washing effect is good, low power, low energy consumption, reliable quality, long life Many advantages, has now become a lot of gypsum processing plant will use sand washing equipment.