Gravel crushers for sale

Sand gravel is the main source of building aggregate. Natural sand gravel is widely distributed in earth’s surface. Owing to the big diversity of the size, processes, like crushing and sand-making, feeding and screening, are needed before sand gravel used in industry.

Sand Gravel Plants

Featuring with high density, large bearing capacity, strong anti-katogene of capillary water, sand gravel is the best material for building road. Its main component is gravel sediment, also small-sized materials, like soil, and sand are contained. When it is used in building foundation treatment, the sand sediment’s size is smaller than 5 cm; while as roadbed fillings, smaller than 10 cm. But the size of natural sand gravel is not even, which will finally influence the quality of buildings, the sand-making machine is needed to further adjusting uniformity. So far the common sand-making machines are:

Vertical Shaft Impact Sand-making Machine

According to the structure of rotors, vertical shaft impact crusher are divided into: open rotor structure and close-type rotor structure. For the close-type rotor structure, rotors are in composition of cage. Materials fall inside it from the top, and then are threw out in high speed.

Roller-type Sand-making Machine

In the field of small throughput, roller-type sand-making machine is sometimes adopted. However, in the long-term usage, shortcomings like low reliability, high ratio of equipment failure and difficulty in maintenance and service generally appear.

Sand-Making Machine of VSI

VSI crusher which adopts hydraulic starting technology, sand-making machine of VSI series save 50% of energy, compared with the traditional one. Through it, all kinds of rock, sand rock, and pebble can be made into building sands of required size. With even size, high compressive strength, it is more accordant to the building requirements and more helpful to improve buildings’ quality than the natural sands and sands made by common hammer-type sand-making machine. This plant features with reliable function, reasonable design, simple operation, and high work efficiency etc.

Shanghai SBM Machinery Sand Gravel Production Line

Introduction of Stone Production Line

Stone production line is also called as sand rock production line, or gravel production line. It is widely used in building, highway, railway, mine, etc. This production line mainly consists of jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and other plants. According to their own job demands, clients can add relevant plants to the production line.

The Basic Processes of Stone Production Line

Firstly, stones are evenly sent to rough crusher for primary crushing by feeder; secondly, through belt conveyor, the produced rough materials are transferred to impact crusher for further crushing; thirdly, the fine-crushed stone of different sizes are screening out, while unqualified stone will be crushed again in impact crusher until they are of qualified size.

Features of Stone Production Line

The sand gravel production line has high degree of automation. Apart from daily regular maintenance for plants, it nearly doesn’t need manual operation. It features with big reduction ratio, high production efficiency, large throughput, low operating cost, and products of standard size. The products of this production line feature with no clinking and high compressive strength. This production line has long using time, so the economic benefits of clients are improved. This is all because its plants are simple in maintenance, and quick-wear parts, which adopt the best wear resistant materials in nation, are of low abrasion. The stone production line is applied to crushing process of limestone, basalt, granite, cobble, etc. The finished products are of highway standard, which offering qualified aggregate for industries, like highway, railway, water conservancy, concrete batching plant.