Calcium carbonate limestone machine

calcium carbonate limestone machine

Limestone is an essential mineral commodity of national importance. Some of the many products made using limestone are shown in this photograph are breakfast cereal, paint, calcium supplement pills, a marble tabletop, antacid tablets, high-quality paper, white roofing granules, and Portland cement. (USGS photograph; use of trade, firm, or product names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.)

How Does Limestone Form?

Most carbonate rocks were deposited from seawater. These sedimentary carbonate rocks are common on every continent and have formed through most of geologic history; they are still forming today in the tropics as coral reefs and at the bottoms of shallow seas.

Marine limestone forms because seawater has high concentrations of two key dissolved chemicals-calcium (Ca++) and bicarbonate (HCO3-) ions. In the near-surface layer of most oceans, corals, clams, and other sea-dwelling creatures use these two chemicals to make protective shells by combining them to form calcite or "aragonite," which is the same chemical composition as calcite but has a different crystal form.

SBM is really a mining machine manufacturer for calcium carbonate crushed limestone, we give you?calcium carbonate crusher machine,calcium carbonate grinding machine for calcium carbonate powder processing.

Calcium Carbonate Limestone (marble) crushing unit will be the latest project this season for Faida International Pvt Ltd. And SBM is providing the machines and repair with this project.

Calcium Carbonate Limestone (marble) crushing unit includes crushers, ball mills and air classifier powder concentrator as well as other machines. The ultimate items are stone powder with mesh size 400/37 micron, 800/18 micron, 12 micron and 8 micron. And also the capacity is all about 2 to 4 tons hourly.

Preliminary jobs are mainly designing. According to the characters of local stones (limestone/marble) for example humidity and rigidity, SBM has designed the complete Calcium Carbonate Limestone (marble) crushing production line which fulfill the need for capacity. Now the complete crushing unit may be transported to there, and is also being installed and debugging.

Limestone for Building, Construction, Manufacturing and Landscaping

Building: Limestone rock of your wide selection of sizes is utilized to create roads, make septic systems, prepare and drain the floor around foundations. Clean, safe and non-toxic limestone is important for sanding roads, bedding pipes, and many other construction uses.

Limestone also helps make concrete “greener” by displacing cement and helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Limestone powders and aggregates are an essential part of many green building materials.

Manufacturing: Powdered limestone is a universal filler materials found in the creation of concrete products, plastics, adhesives, and coatings.

Limestone is also utilized in roofing shingles. Asphalt-based roofing shingles contain approximately 70% calcium carbonate limestone filler by weight. Incorporating limestone of roofing shingles also helps make them more fire-resistant.

Landscaping: Ponds integrated areas which have acid soils will benefit from if the water has low alkaline levels. Limestone will raise the pH of bottom muds and water, making phosphorus more available for plant and fish life. Low levels of phosphorus may limit the development of your pond’s microscopic plants what are first step toward the aquatic food chain and pond productivity. can enhance nutrient cycling; the breakdown of organic matter may also be helpful clear muddy pond water. It’s safe and inexpensive to lime ponds with agricultural limestone. Reaction serious amounts of solubility of limestone are directly related to the particle size. It is strongly recommended that you purchase the smallest particle size available for use within the ponds. Limestone is better applied directly to water-feature bottom just before filling the pond with water. It ought to be spread evenly within the entire bottom.


In modern industry, the limestone is the main material for cement, lime, calcium carbide production and the indispensable flux limestone in metallurgy industry. After ultrafine grinding, the quality limestone is widely used for the production of paper, rubber, paint, coating, medicine, cosmetics, feed, sealing, bonding and polishing,etc.

The limestone processing flow

Processing flow introduction: The qualified limestone is stored in the storage.The amount of feeding material is controlled by two level gages on the top and bottom. Then through the tremie pipe, the limestones are evenly distributed to each room of the preheater.In the preheater, the limestones are heated to 900℃ by the kiln gas that is 1150℃, with 30% of the limestones disintegrated. When pushed into the rotary kiln by hydraulic push rod, the limestones are disintegrated into CaO and CO2 through roasting. After the limestones are disintegrated, the generated lime comes into the chiller and is cooling by the cold air until 100℃ below.

After heat exchange, the 600℃ hot air comes into the kiln to mix with the gas fuel. With cold air, the waste gas comes into bag dust collector by draught fan then comes into the chimney by the exhaust fan. The lime out of cooler is sent into lime storage, through vibrating feeder, bucket conveyor, bucket elevator, belt conveyor. Whether screening or other process will be done is according to in accordance with the needs of user. According to the different production volume, in the whole lime roasting system, According to the different production, the preheater is divided into several preheat rooms. Each preheat room is equipped with a set of hydraulic push mixture device and the automatic controller will send the relevant data to the PLC control platform in the central control room to accomplish the central control. This system features with high automaticity and can realize the single point controllable to make the production process more convenient.

Our SBM pays attention to the system balance in the production process. The problems, such as system air leakage, get great improvement so that the ratio of material and fuel is more reasonable, the fuel energy loss is reduced and the investment is saved.

The limestone processing equipment

The limestone production line is widely used for limestone and cement production. There are mainly two sets of production line. One line produces calcium carbonate without roasting but direct grinding. The other line mainly uses carbonizatinmethod , also called high temperature firing method, roasting which is roasted by rotary kiln. The limestone is mixed with anthracite according to a certain proportion then through high-temperature calcination, water digestion, carbon dioxide carbonization, centrifugal dehydration, drying, cooling, crushing and sieving, the end products--light Calcium Carbonate will be got. This is the light calcium carbonate production line.

The first line

The main equipments consist of: elevator, impact crusher(selectable), grinding mill, powder concentrator , outfit charter flights and ash separator.

The second line:

The main equipments consist of: crusher, grinding mill(raw materials grinding, dosing before coming into the mill) and rotary kiln(equipped with preheater and cooling machine).

Our products are of very good quality and have a good sale at home and abroadfor almost 200 countries. Combined with your specific situation, SBM will give you the limestone production line with high efficiency and economic saving.

limestone crusher manufacturers

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