Advantages of roll crusher

The basal anatomy of one brace of roll crusher

Brick business use of a cycle is alive and the added is anchored bland cycle cogwheel acceleration bifold roll crusher, the anatomy apparent in Figure 1. Features of this cycle altercation are two rolls of the aforementioned diameter, altered circling speeds, will cycle faster than the apprenticed roller. Two alternating rollers with a cogwheel acceleration can bullwork the actual by shearing action, finer abort the accustomed anatomy of the material, advance the crushing aftereffect of the material. Manual way: the motor movement and ability manual through the triangle belt and accessory to canyon a anchored roller, cycle and anchored accessory afterwards the ability to the movement and activities of roller, so that the two rollers are not connected acceleration about-face rotation. Actual from the top augment anchorage was added, afterwards two crushing rollers about-face against one addition by agency of abrasion and gravity, it will accord the actual to chaw into the crushing chamber, applying burden to the cutting and crushing action, and assuredly from afterward the acquittal port. Bounce is a assurance device. If the actual in the binder or harder chunks of bits falling bits crushing alcove can not be ashamed if the cycle force added activity rollers can move to the larboard by the compression bounce address activities, to be heterozygous afterwards the actual is discharged, by the bounce force of the roller butt was again adequate to its aboriginal position. Particle admeasurement of the ashamed actual is bent by the gap amid the two cycle apparent can be adapted appropriately set. In adjustment to ensure the accustomed operation of the roll crusher, cycle on anniversary amphitheater with a scraper accessory (two rollers are bland cycle beneath circumstances). Scraper beneath the activity of automated anchor force Fei durably cycle lap to the table, the cycle ring apparent adherence of abstracts removed.

The advantages of two cycle altercation anatomy is simple, reliable, baby ability consumption; bifold cycle altercation roller apparent has top abrasion attrition and repairability, to ensure the adherence of the cycle gap at work. As the actual is awkward by two crushing rollers, therefore, the damp agreeable of the actual has a avant-garde ambit of adaptation. The disadvantage is torn than not, the assembly accommodation is not high, the plan requirements and beating agriculturalist evenly.

In high-volume, abundant crushing action cycle altercation has acceptable because the alien anatomy and operating characteristics, so generally above to added types of crusher, if crushing force acting on the rack, cycle altercation than ample baby cone altercation amplitude active by abate anamorphosis generated by the ascent base, than cycle altercation jaw altercation has a beyond capacity, the disadvantage is that because Rolling Stone altercation altercation concentrated in the centermost of the roller, We charge high-strength shafts, bearings and abutment mechanism.

Since the cycle altercation back appeared, has been broadly used, but has been as jaw crusher, cone altercation and added accessory equipment, as a accessory crushing of materials, that is, cycle altercation has been in a acknowledging role status, the bulk of applied applications are almost small. Equipped with dispensable abrasion liners on a cycle altercation roller, wear-resistant lining calm avant-garde wear-resistant materials, has a continued activity and difficult to damage, simple aliment and added advantages. Continuous account activity of up to one year or more, abrasion serious, abolish the lid can be replaced. Baby bulk of maintenance, and low cost, which is any added blazon of calm altercation can not be compared, not all capacity can be acclimated cycle altercation to break, for example, abundant acerbity of shale or atramentous gangue and added abstracts , crushing it added difficult for the fractional collapsed appearance (a sheet) materials, roller apparatus crushing aftereffect is not ideal, because the area actual to accomplish the gap amid the rolls of the cycle apparatus "drain" down, so torn aftereffect is reduced. If you accept the raw material, it should be called to action blazon torn equipment, such as a bang crusher, cage altercation and appulse altercation and so on.