Operation of ultra - fine milling machine and analysis of its maintenance points

1, ultra-fine milling machine operating procedures:

  • 1.1 ultra-fine grinding after the material should be sticky in the ultra-fine grinding cylinder, the belt of mud, sand, water clean, to prevent the ultra-fine grinding when the mud, sand fall off, or make the belt slip to ultra-fine Mill can not start.
  • 1.2 in the ultra-fine grinding clean, repair, inspection, feeding, shaving, sampling, site cleaning must first stop, and the machine's electric control cabinet switch on the "someone work, forbidden boot" or "someone overhaul , To prohibit closing "and other security warning signs, to prevent others from knowing the case of misuse of machine damage is working on the staff. Into the ultra-fine grinding operations (such as picking trees and other debris), should be set up ventilation, lighting, outside to send someone to monitor.
  • 1.3 in the ultra-fine grinding of the operating staff must wear helmets, body seat belts, foot wear soft-skinned skid shoes, to prevent falling foot injury. There must be a snap ring attached to the seat belt and a strong weld. Seat belts are not allowed to hang in the mobile belt conveyor, to prevent others when the boot was removed when hanging, card, crush.
  • 1.4 ultra-fine grinding before the slurry must be deflated before the release of pulp, air release should be slowly loose ultra-fine grinding screws to open a little open the lid, the operation must be standing on the side of the stomata to prevent ultra-fine grinding high temperature and high pressure gas Burns out.
  • 1.5 in the stairs or stand to the ultra-fine grinding cylinder before the above, should first wipe, stamped the soles of the soil and oil, water, to prevent slippery at the foot.
  • 1.6 ultra-fine grinding in the normal work of refining, should try to set the fence around the machine or warning signs to prevent unrelated personnel close to the injured.
  • 1.7 ultra-fine grinding material is completed, the ultra-fine grinding platform should be tight on the sub-mouth, to prevent someone out of injury. Under the hopper to move to the designated location flat, to prevent the hopper fell hurt.
  • 1.8 ultra-fine grinding of the platform, the belt machine slope should be welded railings and skirts, to prevent items, tools rolled down, slippery injured people, or smashed items. Metal staircase, pedestrian passages must be welded pattern plate, pedal non-slip, and with railings.
  • 1.9 to increase the fan and other temporary equipment, the wire can not ride on the ground, across the ground to prevent being on the ground, the car after the insulation damage caused by leakage, electric shock.
  • 1.10 ultra-fine grinding can not start three consecutive times, should stop the operation to check: ① If the belt is too loose, please work on the belt tension. ② If the belt or barrel belt contact parts sticky with water, oil, mud, sand slip, to clean it and then boot. ③ If the ball level is not enough to add water to improve the liquid level to reduce the eccentricity. ④ check the error and interval of 10 minutes and then re-start to prevent burning the motor. ⑤ After the above treatment is still not normal start, please consult the electrical and motor lines.
  • 1.11 Replace the ultra-fine grinding belt, to release the two large bearing seat feet screw, jack with super-fine grinding. It is forbidden to loosen the bearing screws on the belt side to prevent the other end bearing from being fractured.
  • 1.12 bearing assembly of the heating temperature is generally controlled at 100 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ is appropriate. In this temperature value, the bearing steel thermal expansion value is large, easy to bearing assembly, this temperature will not cause the pan (barrel) fire burning. The bearing should be suspended and heated in the oil to prevent the assembly process from being burned. Be sure to prepare a foam fire extinguisher or a dry powder fire extinguisher next to the pan.