Vertical roller mill

Vertical roller mill
  • 【Feed grain size】: ≤ 30mm
  • 【Production capacity】: 8-176 tons / day
  • 【Application】: coal, barite, calcite, potassium feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, fluorite and so on.
  • 【Products】: The machine uses the advanced structure of similar products at home and abroad, and in the same industry on the basis of mine to improve the design, the equipment than the ball mill high efficiency, low power consumption, small footprint, one-time Investment is small.
The development of Vertical roller mill technology

Since the 1920s Germany developed the first mill since it Yuan Yuan with its unique principle of grinding to overcome the ball mill grinding mechanism of many defects away from the Vertical roller mill using the principle of grinding bed grinding material Yuan with grinding The efficiency of high Yao power consumption low-fat than the ball mill energy-saving 20% ​​Yao 30% injustice Yao drying capacity of large Yao allow grinding material into the material size of the large Yao grinding process simple Yao area of ​​small Yao soil costs low Yao Yao low wear Yao life long Yao easy to operate and so on advantages Yuan attracted many countries in the world powder engineering researchers and equipment manufacturers far more than a century of development Yuan Li mill technology has been very mature far away since the 20th century, 60 years Yuan with pre-decomposition technology And the development of large-scale development of Yuan Li mill in the foreign cement industry has been widely used Yuan's technical level has been further improved and improved far more than the company have developed various types of Vertical roller mill Yuan have achieved success Break the company developed the LM Li Fei Yao extraordinary company developed the MPS legislation mill Yaobei Li Hughes company developed RM legislation mill said Danish Smith company developed Atox legislation mill said Japan The company produced UB-LM Vertical roller mill the world's largest Vertical roller mill single production up to 600t / h Yuan can with 8000t / d SBM cement production line supporting grinding cement raw materials over the past few years Yuan as China's cement industry Industrial policy changes and the expansion of production scale Yuan have to several companies to buy dozens of Taiwan and 6000 Yao 6000t / d cement production line supporting raw materials

Vertical roller mill is an ideal large-scale grinding equipment, widely used in cement, electricity, metallurgy, chemical, non-metallic minerals and other industries. It is broken, dry, grinding, graded transport in one, high production efficiency, can be massive, granular and powdered raw materials into the required powder material. Vertical roller mill research and development and production of high technical requirements, China's relevant research institutions in the 80's proposed in the cement industry to promote the proposal of Vertical roller mill, and there were some manufacturers launched their own Vertical roller mill products. But at the time of the R & D level, this time the Vertical roller mill products with unavoidable technical defects, so many cement manufacturers finally turn the ball mill.

Vertical roller mill characteristics
  • 1, the relative sliding difference between the grinding disc and the grinding roller is small, thus allowing the grinding wheel to rotate at a faster speed, and the working pressure of the roller is higher, so the output is higher than that of other type roller. (Taiwan when high power)
  • 2, while the material drying, grinding, powder selection, the process is simple, low noise
  • 3, adapted to the wind sweep and part of the material outside the circulatory system, which can significantly reduce the system Ventilation power consumption.
  • 4, the grinding of the ventilation ring gap can be based on the distribution of the disk material to adjust the flexibility to reduce the ventilation resistance and reduce power consumption
  • 5, for four-roll Vertical roller mill, roller can be carried out on the roller or four roller pressure In order to adapt to the needs of the change of the bed, if the use of different pressure on the roll, you can use a different working pressure operation, so that a smaller working pressure roller with the preparation of the bed and the dual role of grinding, In the higher working pressure grinding more difficult to wear the material, to maintain the stability of the material bed play an important role. In the course of operation, according to the operation of the roller set the working pressure. The hydraulic compression system is designed with a wide range of rigidity and is suitable for different abrasive materials.
  • 6, roller can automatically lift, to achieve no-load start to reduce the motor starting torque.
  • 7, roller mill can rely on the role of rolling cylinder out of the chassis, in order to repair.
  • 8, built-efficient high efficiency cage powder, adjust the fineness of the sensitive, strong load adaptation, the election efficiency of up to 90%.
  • 9, low operating and maintenance costs. (Metal loss is small)
  • 10, a small investment line. (Small footprint, can be a large number of preheater kiln exhaust gas)
working principle of vertical roller mill
Vertical roller mill

All the grinding mill is called roller mill, no matter how its structure changes, are the application of the principle of grinding bed material grinding material, as shown in the figure: by the ingredients station through the belt to the mill material, the three lock the wind The valve into the Vertical roller mill, the accumulation of the middle of the disc, as the rotation of the disc drive roller rotation, the material under the action of centrifugal force to the edge of the disc movement, into the roller between the milling, roller between the standard diameter, Speed consistent, other parts are the speed difference, that is, the formation of shear. Vertical roller mill, also known as the speed of grinding, in the grinding process, some of the material was pushed to the edge, across the block ring, with high-speed airflow, large particles fall back to the disc, re-grinding, small particles were brought into the separation (Sorting machine), in the rotation under the action of the fan, the coarse particles by the impact of energy consumption back to the disc, qualified particles from the wind through the pipeline into the cyclone dust collector and then sent to the silo conveyor equipment. This can be dozens of times up and down the cycle can be finished. Special particles such as iron fast, etc., through the nozzle ring into the bottom of the disc, by the scraper out of the mill.

Finishing the issue of Vertical roller mill vibration (for novice)
  • 1, feeding less than 1mm dry material more than 20% easy to cause vibration
  • 2, the thickness of the abrasive layer as much as possible in the control of 3 ~ 3.5% roller diameter
  • 3, if the grinding mill disc wear severe, appropriate to improve the height of the retaining ring, to maintain thick material layer operation. Specific circumstances specific analysis, try it The biggest drawback of ground grinding is the grinding wheel wear and hydraulic system requirements.
  • 4, Vertical roller mill vibration for many reasons, but should first start from the source, Vertical roller mill most afraid of grinding quartz, such as grinding material in the quartz content of more than 4% will cause vibration, so do not buy cheap to buy bad goods, Otherwise worth the candle.
  • 5, Vertical roller mill vibration is normal, especially to the grinding wheel grinding wear more serious time. Do not consider the material composition of the factors, to maintain the stability of the material layer thickness is more important, appropriate to increase the height of the retaining ring, adjust the fan baffle opening. (Especially just when the material, the size of the cited wind, but very critical Oh)
  • 6, if the powder and more, you can reduce the grinding pressure, the use of methods to reduce production.
  • 7, Vertical roller mill vibration is mainly caused by uneven material layer is also material layer thickness
  • 8, caused by MILL vibration for many reasons, such as: into the grinding material fineness, retaining ring height, hydraulic stability, into the grinding temperature, grinding water sprinkler, etc., the specific analysis, grinding better than the kiln.
  • 9, generally do not have vibration, but in the grinding material into the mill material than if the control is not appropriate, then it will cause vibration, vertical vibration in the following 1.5mm The problem is not great, control the pressure inside the mill can.