Stone crusher

Stone crusher
  • 【Feed particle size】: ≤ 350mm
  • 【Production capacity】: 5-150m ³ / h
  • 【Application】: mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, roads, fuel and other industries.
  • 【Products】: stone crusher for crushing all kinds of hard and abrasive materials, the compressive strength of its material does not exceed 100MPa, moisture content of less than 15%. Broken materials are coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, brick, limestone and other rock, ore.

Common stone crushers are jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, composite crusher, hammer crusher, vertical crusher, rotary crusher, cone crusher, Kun crusher, Double Kun crusher and so on several.

Today, the rapid development of mining, construction, gravel and other industries, we are no longer familiar with the crusher equipment, a variety of crusher equipment, are in their application areas do outstanding contributions. Crusher in a hundred years ago has been there, after several times to improve our use of the model now. At a later time, the crusher will change further with the demands of the people.

We are deeply aware of the changes in the life of the crusher, the crusher is the main equipment of broken stones, and a wide variety, but the most commonly used jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and so on.

Jaw crusher is the use of the two panels on the extrusion and bending of the material, coarse or broken in a variety of hardness of the material crushing machinery. The crushing mechanism consists of a fixed jaw and a movable jaw, and when the two jaws are close to the material, they are broken, and when the two erasets are separated, the blocks smaller than the discharge mouth are discharged from the bottom.

The working principle of the impact crusher, the simplicity is the principle of stone stone. Let the stones in the natural process of falling with the impeller through the accelerated thrown out of the collision of stones, so as to achieve the purpose of broken! And was accelerated to throw the stones and the natural fall of the stones when the collision and the formation of a vortex, the process of returning two times broken, so the process of running the machine against the plate wear is very little.

Rotary crusher is the use of crushing cone in the shell in the cone of the cycle of movement, the material extrusion, splitting and bending effect, the coarse crushing of various hardness of the ore or rock large crushing machinery. The upper end of the spindle with the broken cone is supported in the bushing of the middle of the beam and its lower end is placed in the eccentric air of the sleeve. When the sleeve is rotated, the crushing cone moves around the centerline of the machine. Its action is continuous, so the work efficiency is higher than the jaw crusher.

The working principle of the conical crusher is the same as that of the rotary crusher, but only for crushing machinery in crushing or crushing operations.

For the gravel production line, the jaw crusher is most suitable for primary crushing, large jaw crusher feed large, large stone processing capacity is other crusher can not match, the advantages of counterattack crusher is out Stone shape is good, suitable for high standards of highway requirements. Crusher in the broken stone, the reasonable combination of good for each material has a different program. Iron ore crushing can be directly with jaw crusher with conical crusher with the production.

Stone crusher use

Stone crusher for soft or hard and hard materials broken, plastic, widely used in a variety of minerals, cement, refractory materials, aluminum clay SBM, emery, glass raw materials, construction sand, stone and a variety of metallurgy Slag, especially for silicon carbide, emery, sintered bauxite, sand and other high hard, special hard and abrasive materials than other types of crusher production efficiency is higher.

Technical characteristics of stone crusher
  • 1, broken high efficiency, with crushing, coarse grinding function;
  • 2, simple structure, easy installation, easy maintenance, low operating costs;
  • 3, through the non-crushing material capacity, by the material moisture content of small, water content of up to 8%;
  • 4, product grain shape is excellent, cube, needle-like content is very low, suitable for aggregate shaping, artificial sand and high-grade highway aggregate production;
  • 5, the product bulk density, iron pollution is minimal.