Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill
  • 【Feed grain size】: ≤ 30mm
  • 【Production capacity】: 8-176 tons / day
  • 【Application】: coal, barite, calcite, potassium feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, fluorite and so on.
  • 【Products】: The machine uses the advanced structure of similar products at home and abroad, and in the same industry on the basis of mine to improve the design, the equipment than the ball mill high efficiency, low power consumption, small footprint, one-time Investment is small.
Introduction of raymond mill

Raymond Mill is now more commonly used milling equipment, which uses a foreign advanced manufacturing process, is a highly efficient, high-fine powder equipment. Raymond Mill's low production costs, stable operation, high cost, by the majority of customers welcome, can be used for calcite, marble, limestone, cement, activated carbon and other ore processing, it is in the chemical, building materials, refractories, Metallurgy, pharmaceutical and other industries widely used.

Use of raymond mill

Raymond Mill is widely used in barite, broken stone, gold sand, silicon carbide, potassium feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, lime, lime, titanium dioxide, activated carbon, bentonite, Cement, light calcium carbonate, gypsum, glass, manganese ore, titanium ore, copper ore, chrome ore, refractory material, insulation material, coal dry stone, coal powder, carbon black, clay, bone meal, talc, shell, Iron, red yellow Dan, quartz and other Mohs hardness of not more than 7, the humidity of 8% in the following 500 kinds of materials, milling processing, finished grain size in the range of 40 --- 325 mesh arbitrary adjustment, some materials up to 1000 mesh.

Raymond Mill structure

Raymond Mill uses a vertical structure, with a small footprint. It is mainly composed of main engine, analysis machine, pipeline device, blower, finished cyclone separator, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electric control motor and so on. Which Raymond mill host by the rack, into the volute volute, blade, roller, grinding ring, casing and motor components. The above components are made of high-quality materials, the production of superb technology, rigorous processing procedures to improve the stability of the entire milling equipment.

Raymond Mill working principle (grinding material process)

Large pieces of material by the jaw crusher to the required size, the hoist will be sent to the storage hopper material, and then by the vibrator feeder evenly into the host mill grinding machine, grinding powder Was blown away by the fan air.

By the analysis machine for grading, in line with the fineness of the powder with the air through the pipeline into the whirlwind collector, the separation and collection, and then discharged by the powder tube is finished powder. The airflow is then blown into the blower by the upper end of the large cyclone collector. The entire airflow system of the unit is closed and circulated in positive and negative pressure conditions. The above is about Raymond mill structure and the working principle of a detailed introduction, the relevant staff can refer to. Raymond Mill before the installation has been properly, to properly custody, to establish a sound maintenance system to avoid the machine suffered sun and rain or rusty water. Raymond Mill in the use of the process, requiring a fixed staff custody, but also requires the operator to have a certain level of technology, but also a detailed understanding of its structure and working principle, and familiar with the operation of the rules.

Raymond Mill election process:

After the material is ground, the fan blows the wind into the main shell, blows the powder, is sorted by the analyzer placed above the grinding chamber, and the fineness of the material falls into the grinding chamber. The fineness is fine With the wind into the cyclone collector, collected after the discharge through the powder mouth, that is finished. The airflow is returned to the fan by the return air duct at the upper end of the large whirlwind collector. The air duct is circulated and flows in the negative pressure state. The increase of the air volume of the circulating air duct is exhausted by the exhaust pipe in the middle of the fan and the main engine. Device, the purification process.

Raymond Mill features and benefits:
  • 1, the whole Raymond Mill for the vertical structure, covers an area of relatively small, systematic, whether from rough raw materials or to the delivery to the powder and the final packaging, can be a separate Raymond Mill production system.
  • 2, Raymond machine (Raymond Mill) Compared with other Raymond Mill, it's high sieve rate, through the sieve rate of up to 99%, other milling equipment is generally not reach.
  • 3, Raymond machine (Raymond mill) host drive with a closed gear box and pulley, smooth transmission, reliable operation.
  • 4, Raymond Mill important components are used high-quality castings and profiles manufacturing, fine technology, rigorous process to ensure that the entire equipment Raymond Mill Durability
  • 5, the electrical system using centralized control, Raymond Mill grinding machine Powder shop can be achieved basically no homework, and maintenance.
Raymond Mill operation method:

First, Raymond mill before the start, should check all the doors closed tightly closed, check the crusher palmar plate gap is consistent with the size of the feed size, adjust the analyzer speed should be similar to the finished product size requirements. Finally press in order to boot.

  • 1, start bucket hoist;
  • 2, start jaw crusher;
  • 3, to be expected to store the material, start the analysis machine;
  • 4, start the blower (empty load start, to be normal operation and then loaded);
  • 5, start Raymond Mill host, start the host immediately start the electromagnetic vibration feeder. At this time Raymond Mill grinding work is the beginning.

Second, Raymond mill operation sequence is as follows: Start: hoist → crusher → analysis machine → fan → host → feeder.

Third, Raymond Mill shutdown should be in the following order to turn off the machine: Raymond mill downtime sequence is: feeder → host → blower → analysis machine.

  • 1, first turn off the feeder to stop feeding;
  • 2, about one minute after stopping the host;
  • Raymond Mill
  • 3, blowing the residual powder after the stop blower;
  • 4, and finally turn off the analyzer.

Note: the hoist transport material to the silo a certain amount, the first stop the crusher and then stop lifting, this should be the current volume of storage changes.

Fourth, note: Raymond grinding in the normal work are not allowed to refuel, to ensure the safety of production, milling machine in any part of the abnormal noise, or sudden increase in load should immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting, in order to avoid major accidents The And then continue to boot when the mill must be removed, or when the current is too large, the impact of start.

Fifth, Raymond Mill maintenance

  • 1, Raymond Mill in the course of the use of fixed personnel should be responsible for care, the operator must have a certain level of technology. Mill before the installation of the operator must carry out the necessary technical training to understand the principle of the performance of the mill, familiar with the operating procedures.
  • 2, in order to make Raymond normal, should be developed equipment "equipment maintenance and safe operation system" in order to ensure long-term safe operation of the mill, while the necessary maintenance tools and grease and the corresponding accessories.
  • 3, Raymond Mill after a period of time, should be overhauled at the same time on the grinding mill grinding blade and other wearing parts for repair and replacement parts, roller device before and after the use of bolts and nuts should be carefully checked to see if there is loose Phenomenon, whether the addition of grease.
  • 4, the roller device to use more than 500 hours to replace the roller, the roller sleeve of the rolling bearing must be cleaned, the damage should be replaced in a timely manner, refueling tools available manual pump and grease gun.