Ore milling equipment

Ore milling equipment
  • 【Number of fineness】: 400-3000 mesh
  • 【Production capacity】: 600-10000kg / h
  • 【Application】: tungsten, barite, wollastonite, kaolin, rare earth ore, hematite, talc, feldspar, slag and so on.
  • 【Products】: HXM1021-type tricyclic micro-grinding is my company's own development of new products, is the current domestic advanced dry non-metallic mineral powder fine grinding equipment. Material crushing and powder grading placed in the same body and their independent operation, with a compact structure, product fineness adjustable 1400-3000 mesh.
Ore milling equipment

Grinding machine selection and analysis Ore milling equipment is the use of a pair of opposite differential rotation of the equal diameter cylindrical roller, even into the grinding area of the stone in the products produce a certain squeeze force, so that the broken equipment The We know that with the design of the output changes, the model and the number of mill also changes. Now most of the process designers are based on the output of the first choice of the number and number of mill, and then assigned to the various process systems. Due to a certain amount of production configuration of a certain number and type of mill has its general model configuration, then these configurations are completely reasonable? In the case of the total length of the roller, the system has the configuration due to the limitation of the number of milling machines, or the system has a relatively unbalanced distribution of the system due to the type and quantity of the mill. In this case We must ensure that the process of improving the advanced nature of the system at the same time to adjust the proportion of the system is difficult to do, must take some technical measures.

Grinding machine selection experience

1) reasonable to determine the mill model and the number of Ore milling equipment more reasonable and more perfect. We can often hear the "design of the production of the more perfect the process of" argument. It is simply the more mill system distribution of the more detailed, the greater the flexibility of the system adjustment, the more perfect the process.

2) through the use of different types of Ore milling equipment can save investment and can reduce operating costs. To meet the requirements of the process can be used by different types of milling machine to reduce investment. However, any measures are always lost, the use of different types of milling machine can reduce investment but also reduce operating costs, but also inevitably bring to increase the purchase of spare parts and affect the layout of the workshop on the beautiful problem. In addition, the use of milling machine model configuration sometimes there will be uneven distribution of grinding system problems. From this we propose a corresponding proposal, that is, the total roller in the same change or change is not the case, the preferred model and the number of mill, so that the system distribution is more reasonable. In short, the configuration of the milling machine must be based on the design yield, the rationality of the process, the principle of advanced nature, in the comparison, analysis of different configurations on the basis of the plan, to be able to achieve the desired effect of the milling process. In summary, Changsha Beichen Powder Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed and developed the "multi-wheel grinding" market with independent intellectual property rights according to the market demand. In the use of cost-effective to obtain a good market recognition

The Advantages of Vertical Roller Mill in ore milling

SBM production of LM series of vertical roller mill, is drawing on foreign advanced milling technology on the basis of years of experience in the production and sales of milling machine, combined with the actual use of China's milling machine customers, produced an advanced , Large-scale mill equipment. This large-scale vertical roller mill can crush the material, drying, grinding, grading, transportation is equal to one, and in the chemical industry, cement, coal, electricity, metallurgy, non-metallic mineral processing energy field widely used. Mine milling machinery and other types of milling equipment, from the working principle and application areas, each has its advantages:

  • 1. Ball mill: ball mill currently in China there is a high market share, but because the ball mill power consumption, noise pollution is serious, in the environmental protection and energy requirements are increasing today, this milling method will eventually be replaced.
  • 2. Roller mill: the current market is more popular to a Raymond mill as the representative of the roller mill, compared with the vertical roller mill, in terms of production, fineness is still lacking.

LM series vertical roller mill is a vertical installation, and the traditional roller mill is different, vertical roller mill grinding roller is stationary, it is through the motor transmission, driven by high-speed rotation of the disc. The material from the feed down to the disc to roll. Meet the product requirements, the air flow from the top of the mill blowing, thick particles will remain in the mill to continue grinding inside.

SBM production of vertical roller mill production efficiency, wear less, drying ability. In addition, with a strong handling, maintenance, easy replacement parts and other advantages, will become the mainstream of the future milling industry products.

Application of Ultrafine ore milling equipment

Whether it is mine production or construction, road and other production equipment in the production industry are particularly important, and no matter what kind of ore processing line needs more than a device, usually use crushing equipment, ore milling equipment and to Materials and other equipment, and with the ever-changing demand for the technical content of these devices and other aspects of the situation is constantly changing in order to better meet the production needs, such as milling equipment has produced ultra-fine grinding, micro-grinding, etc. Equipment, today to introduce the ultra-fine grinding of this equipment in the ore processing applications. The ultrafine grinding equipment is a major equipment in the production line of various types of ore superfine grinding. The size of the finished powder can be between 325 mesh and 1800 mesh, and the outlet of the equipment can be The use of ultra-fine grinding equipment, the scope of use is also more extensive, in the building materials, metallurgical and other industries have applied, can be used to process marble, limestone, quartz, etc., in order to adjust the production process in accordance with the demand is very convenient, Materials, in the production of these materials when the hardness, humidity and other aspects of the nature of the equipment must meet the processing requirements.