Mobile crusher

Mobile crusher
  • 【Process characteristics】: the whole process of smooth flow, reliable operation, easy operation, energy efficient features.
  • 【Production capacity】: depending on the process may be
  • 【Application】: suitable for construction waste disposal, construction waste broken.
  • 【Product Description】: The introduction of the mobile crushing station to eliminate the cumbersome steel frame structure, the foundation of the building, saving a lot of time. Mobile crushing station can be directly selected venues, directly to the scene, without transport, directly to the finished product size. Especially for small crushing sites, suitable for construction waste disposal, construction waste broken
Mobile crusher should pay attention to what matters

For mobile crusher this large-scale mechanical equipment in the use of the process need to pay attention to the problem more, as long as these issues to ensure that the production can ensure the smooth progress of the following we have to understand the specific problems, we need to pay attention to The

  • First, we must pay attention to the rational use of mobile crusher problem

1, under normal circumstances as long as the crusher can continue to use, the hydraulic electrical interlock system in any case can not be removed.

2, for the sake of safety in the operation of the machine, the staff shall not be close to the crusher surface, not in the rotation surface standing staff.

3, the machine at work in the process of no one should hand into the machine to take raw materials or other items.

4, the supply of crusher raw materials can not be too large, the requirements can not exceed 0.85 times the size of the mine mouth.

5, mobile crusher in the start must be no load, the machine can not have material.

6, the crusher is more suitable to break the hard, medium and hard ore in the broken and broken, so the broken will not be too small.

  • Second, before the machine is ready to run and check

1, the machine should start before the first check whether the normal oil, whether enough, and check for clogging or oil spills.

2, check the crusher of the instrument is intact, whether accurate, found in a timely manner when the repair, to ensure that the instrument can be correct instructions.

3, before the operation to adjust the discharge port, in order to smooth the exclusion of minerals.

4, before the start of the request for no-load start, so first of all to check the South Road, mobile crusher crushing chamber whether there are ore or other debris if the timely removal.

5, before running to check the V-belt and lock the spring tightness, elastic to moderate, too tight or too loose are prone to accidents.

6, check the electrical chain device is normal.

7, check the connection bolts are loose phenomenon, if the timely tightening.

  • Third, the starting should pay attention to the operation method

1, start the machine first first start the vacuum system.

2, the second step is to wait for the next step in the process of the machine signal, and then no-load jaw crusher.

3, until the mobile crusher to normal operation, continue to start the trough feeder and then the normal operation of the next mine to start normal work.

The above points are the problems that the mobile crusher should pay attention to before and after the work, mainly from the three aspects of rational use of equipment, preparation and inspection before work, and attention to operation method. The Although these views are some of the details, but still have to pay more attention, so as to extend the life of the machine, and effectively ensure the safety of the operator.