Jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher
  • 【Feed particle size】: ≤ 1500mm
  • 【Production capacity】: 1-2200t / h
  • 【Application】: metallurgy, chemical, building materials, electricity, transportation and other industrial sectors.
  • 【Product Description】: Jaw crusher is a common crushing plant in the production of crushing equipment, because of its simple structure, reliable work by the majority of customers praise, I produced
Introduction of jaw crusher

The structure of jaw type crusher has been being perfected though unceasing improvement and the practice of process with more than 100 years. It is characteristic with simple structure, working reliablly, producing easily,maintenance conveniently and so on. Therefore, so far it still is a kind of the most important and extensivily used crusher weapons ,which work in crushing for rough powder and medium-sized powder .It is extensively used not only in building material industry , also in the metallurgical industry ,in coal industry ,in chemical industry and other industrial and mining enterprises. Jaw type crusher is mainly used in crushing the brittleness material which stress does not exceed 200 Mpa. As Iron ore, golden ore, molybdenum ore, copper ore, limestone,and so on. In building material industry, it is mainly used in crushing limestone and cement , plaster ,sandstone etc.. In recent years, along with the increase of the proportion of opencast working , adopting of large scale exavator and large scale dump truck, the ore transported from open-cast to broken workshop which size reach 1.5 ~ 2 m. At the same time, the grade of mining stone is reduced increasingly, we must increase mine quantity and broken quantity greatly in order to maintain original production. Thus the crusher is developing towards large-scale, the high productivity direction. Now, Abroad, the biggest specifications of letter pendulum jaw type crusher of production is 2100 mm×3000mm and the jaw type crusher of compound pendulum is 1500 mm×2000mm.

The development history of jaw crusher

Since the advent of the first jaw crusher, has been more than 140 years of history. In this process, its structure has been constantly improved, and the jaw crusher structure is simple, safe and reliable, stone for crushing machinery to enter the capital construction projects, the need for a large number of different sizes of sand, stone As a production. In the absence of processing, to meet the needs of the project. So in the production of a wide range of applications. The most widely used engineering is the complex pendulum jaw crusher, the largest number of domestic jaw crusher is also complex pendulum jaw crusher.

Crusher is the mining of natural stone by a certain size of the broken processing machinery. The jaw crusher was invented by American E. W. Blake. Since the emergence of the first crusher, production efficiency is fast, but also to meet the safety conditions, but also to adapt to production, greatly speeding up the production.

Structure of jaw crusher

The main body of the jaw crusher consists of five parts: frame, eccentric shaft, moving plate, ice board and brackets. There are other auxiliary parts, such as fixed tooth plate, liner, gear cover, gasket, slider, thrust plate, stop screw, locking device.

Working principle of jaw crusher

The pulley is integrated with the eccentric shaft, and it is a moving and dynamic input member, that is, the original part, the rest of which is a follower. When the pulley and the eccentric shaft 2 rotate about the axis A, the output member is driven to carry out the complex movement of the plane, thereby crushing the ore. Jaw crusher works as shown in the figure, which consists of jaw plate, jaw plate, eccentric shaft and thrust plate. The upper part of the movable jaw plate is connected with the eccentric shaft, and the lower part is supported by the thrust plate. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the moving jaw plate not only reciprocates the jaw plate, but also moves up and down along the fixed jaw plate. The motion trajectory of the upper part of the moving jaw plate is close to the circle, the smaller the horizontal movement amplitude is, the more trajectory is also oval.

The characteristics of jaw crusher

The mechanism of the pendulum jaw crusher belongs to the application of the crank and rocker mechanism in the four-bar mechanism, and the crank is the active part. Jaw crusher to the structure is simple, reliable performance, easy maintenance in the material smash industry widely used. Complex pendulum jaw crusher is moving directly on the eccentric shaft, is the crank link mechanism, there is no separate connecting rod. As the E is the eccentric axis of the eccentric direct drive, so the activities of the E plate can be done at the same time the vertical and horizontal complex swing, the top of the board on the swing track is the top of the circle from the continuous continuous change to the lower oval, the more To the lower part of the oval-shaped flat, moving the level of the foot from the bottom up more and more changes, so the stone can not only crush, split, but also from the crushing effect. As the eccentric shaft is counterclockwise, moving the direction of the movement of the points are conducive to promote the nesting, so the crushing effect is good, broken rate is higher, the product size uniform and mostly cube.

Compared with the pendulum jaw crusher, the compound of the pendulum jaw crusher is lighter in weight and has a simple structure (less a connecting rod, a brackets, a mandrel and a pair of bearings ), High production efficiency (than the same specifications of the pendulum jaw crusher production efficiency by 20% -30%) and so on. But the pendulum E-jaw crusher of the vertical trip to the jaw, stone on the J-plate grinding serious, grinding faster, and energy consumption is also large, easy to produce more dust when working.

Classification of jaw crushers

Jaw crusher after 100 years of practice and continuous improvement, its structure has been improving. China since the 50's imitation jaw crusher since the structure of nearly 50 years of exploration and research, design information more perfect, more advanced design method, the structure is more reasonable, the product is more excellent. Because it has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, easy manufacturing, easy maintenance and other crushers can not be replaced, is still widely used in various industrial sectors, and China's production of crushers are also exported to the rest of the world. According to incomplete statistics, China is currently the annual production of various types of jaw crusher about 10,000 units. The crushing of the jaw crusher is carried out between two jaws, one of which is fixed on the frame as a jaw plate and the other on a moving jaw body called a movable jaw, whose surface Generally tooth-shaped. When the jaw plate is periodically close to and away from the jaw plate, the crushing and discharging professional operations are completed. By the moving jaw, jaw and rack side wall of the shield to form a broken space, so the jaw crusher feed and discharge mouth are rectangular. The time specifications are expressed in terms of the width B and length L of the feed port. For example, the feed port width of 900mm, length of 1200mm crusher expressed as 900 1200 jaw crusher. In the standard approval draft of the compound jaw crusher formulated by our country, the specification is PE, which is PE-BL, in the Chinese phonetic alphabet P (broken), E (jaw) and BL (in mm). The B and L units of the former Soviet Union are dm. Such as the import material for the 900mm 1200mm complex pendulum jaw crusher, our specifications for the PE-900 1200, while the former Soviet Union specifications are different from China. Jaw crusher is divided into two basic types of motion - simple pendulum jaw crusher and compound pendulum jaw crusher. The pendulum jaw crusher is named for the simple swing of the fixed support on the rack. Complex pendulum jaw crusher is because of its moving jaw in other parts driven by the complex general plane movement named, so the moving jaw on the point of the track is generally closed curve. Most of the pendulum made of large and medium, the broken ratio i = 3 ~ 6. Complex pendulum made of medium and small, the crushing ratio of up to i = 4 ~ 10. With the development and requirements of industrial technology, complex pendulum jaw crusher has been large-scale development, and gradually replace the trend of pendulum jaw crusher. According to the size of the jaw crusher can be divided into large, medium and small three categories. Feed width greater than 600mm are called large; feed width of 300 ~ 600mm are called medium; less than 300mm were small.

The application of jaw crusher

Crusher is the mining of natural stone by a certain size of the broken processing machinery. The jaw crusher was invented by American E. W. Blake. After the emergence of the first crusher, the production efficiency is fast, both to meet the safety conditions, but also to adapt to production, greatly accelerated the pace of production. Because the jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, reliable operation and convenient maintenance, it is widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industry and coal industry. Jaw crusher is mainly used to break the stress does not exceed 200MPa brittle materials. Such as iron ore, gold ore, molybdenum ore, copper ore, limestone and dolomite. In the building materials industry, it is mainly used to break the limestone, cement SBM, gypsum, sandstone, etc. [1]. In the crushing operation, the jaw crusher is mainly compared with the rotary crusher. If you can meet the production requirements, generally choose jaw crusher is appropriate; when the larger production, and then consider the election cycle back to the crusher. In the case of crushing, the majority of cases where the yield is small is the choice of jaw crusher.