Impact crusher

Impact crusher
  • 【Feed size】: 300-700mm
  • 【Production capacity】: 30-550t / h
  • 【Application】: for mining, railways, energy, cement, chemicals, construction and other industries broken process.
  • 【Products】: This series of impact crusher machine can handle the length of 100 ~ 500 mm below the material, the compressive strength of up to 350 MPa, with crushing ratio, broken material was cube particles, etc., for crushing Hard material.
Introduction of impact crusher

Impact crusher is also called the impact of broken, commonly known as sand making machine, easy to Pu Taike company's impact crusher for soft or hard and hard materials broken, plastic surgery, is my company experts for many years the development of mining machinery and equipment wisdom and The right decision of the crystallization of the impact crusher with an international advanced level of high-energy low-power equipment, its performance in a variety of fine ore equipment plays an irreplaceable role

Impact crusher equipment is widely used in a variety of ore, cement, refractory materials, aluminum earth SBM, emery, glass raw materials, mechanism building sand, building aggregate, artificial sand and a variety of metallurgical slag crushing and coarse grinding operations , Especially for silicon carbide, emery, sintered bauxite, sand and other high hard, special hard and abrasion resistant materials than other types of crusher higher efficiency.

The working principle of impact crusher

The so-called impact crushing refers to the object in the free state by the strike force, and along its natural cracks, bedding, joints and other weak parts of the selective fragmentation and broken. It is different from the hammer broken objects in a state of restraint under the strike, but also with other shear, pressure, grinding broken different, and thus the lowest energy consumption in the crushing process, and because of its ability to selectively break To the monomer separation of useful minerals and to obtain more cube products. Application of the impact of the impact of the impact of crusher, is the use of high-speed hammer to the crushing chamber of the material for high-speed impact, the impact of material crushing, and the impact of the block was high-speed rushed to the counterattack plate, Again after the impact of broken, and from the counterattack plate back to the hammer hit area repeated the above crushing process, while the material in the hammer and counterattack between the round and round, there is still between the collision impact. When the broken material particle size is less than the gap between the hammer and the counterattack plate, it is discharged from the lower part of the machine after the broken product.

For the different size of the material of its broken energy is different, the more small materials due to the gradual reduction of internal defects, the greater the energy required for its broken. According to the relationship between energy and linear velocity formula: A = mra.

With the improvement of excavation capacity, the size of the material after excavation is increasing, and the single rotor impact crusher has limited the increase of the particle size due to the reason of its own structure and so on. Therefore, the double rotor impact crusher has been developed. In order to improve the role of the second rotor and the development of a high degree of difference set the double rotor impact crusher, according to the hammer wear and energy consumption and the relationship between the rotor speed, the first at a lower speed on the material rough , While the second rotor at a higher speed on the material in the crushing, improve the crushing ratio.

The vertical impact crusher is the representative of the impact crusher used for crushing the material. We know that the wear of the hammer is a non-linear increase in the speed of the hammer rotation, and the speed of the hammer when the crushing is very high, the relatively low quality material can not enter the effective strike area of ​​the high-speed rotary hammer Just in the highest line speed range), resulting in crushing effect and hammer wear and tear increased. Vertical impact crusher used in the center of the way feeding, feeding the material after the initial speed is close to zero, gradually accelerated from the rotor after the projectile out of the impact of broken, to improve the impact of crushing effect and reduce the wearing of wearing parts The This crusher has evolved into mechanical and self-contained two categories.

Second, the impact of crusher crusher in the actual use of the existence of uneven material, and easy to "run large" situation, the impact hammer crusher can solve these problems.

The material is fed from the feed tank into the hammer working area and is crushed by the impact of the high-speed rotary hammer. At the same time, the material is further crushed by a high-speed impact on the counterattack plate and returned from the counter- In the head work area, continue to repeat the above crushing process, and finally into the hammer area (hammer and bar between the work area), in the bar on the hammer and further hammer and grinding effect. Practice has proved that the material is not in the rotor cycle is fully broken, but to go through a number of cycles to be fully broken. Large pieces of material may not be sufficiently broken during the impact process. It can be broken by the rolling action between the counterplate and the hammer plate. This effect has been confirmed by the actual experiment (in the absence of the bar, the maximum product size does not exceed the hammer plate and counterattack plate gap size).

Structural Characteristics of Impact Crusher

Vertical Shock Crusher Structural Features Here to introduce the structure of the vertical impact crusher, it is by the motor, transmission, spindle assembly, impeller, to the hopper, sub-feeder, vortex crushing chamber, base, Lubricating devices and other components. In order to facilitate reading, his structure is divided into small sections to introduce:

  • (1) transmission (including motor) with dual motor or single motor drive belt drive mechanism, two motor drive two motors were installed in the spindle assembly on both sides, two motor pulley belt with the spindle pulley connected, So that both sides of the spindle force balance, does not produce additional torque. The single motor drive spindle by the unilateral force and additional torque, the general motor power above 55KW (single motor power), recommended dual motor drive.
  • (2) Spindle assembly: The spindle assembly is mounted on the base to transmit the power from the V-belt and the rotation of the support impeller. Spindle assembly by the bearing, spindle, bearings and other components.
  • (3) Impeller: Impeller structure is a hollow cylinder, installed in the spindle assembly on the top of the shaft head, with a conical sleeve and key to connect the transmission torque, and high-speed rotation, the impeller is a vertical impact crusher of the key components. The mineral feedstock enters the center of the impeller from the center inlet of the upper part of the impeller. By the impeller center of the fabric cone material will be evenly distributed to the impeller to the various jet flow to the launch channel outlet, the installation of special materials made of wear-resistant block, wear parts can be replaced after wear, the impeller will accelerate the material to 70 ~ 100m / s speed out of the impact of the impact to the whirlpool crushing chamber of the ore bed, a strong self-crushing.
  • (4) to the hopper: the structure of the hopper for an inverted edge of the body, the inlet set wear ring, from the feeding equipment from the hopper into the crusher.
  • (5) feeder: distributor installed in the upper part of the whirlpool crushing chamber, its role is to feed the hopper to the material, so that part of the material from the center into the tube directly into the impeller is gradually accelerated to a higher speed out of the project, So that part of the material from the outside of the central tube, bypass into the vortex crushing chamber outside the impeller, from the impeller out of the high-speed material impact crushing, no increase in kinetic energy consumption, increase production capacity and improve the crushing effect.
  • (6) vortex crushing chamber: vortex crushing chamber structure for the upper and lower cylinder composed of circular space, the lower cylinder on the upper and lower cover open two holes, the upper part of the cylinder, the lower part of the material mouth. The impeller in the whirlpool crushing cavity high-speed rotation, vortex crushing chamber can also stay in the material, the formation of material bed, the material crushing process occurred in the vortex crushing chamber, the ore bed will be broken and vortex crushing chamber Wall separated, so that the role of crushing only between the material, and play a role in wear-resistant self-lining. An observation hole is provided on the upper cylinder cover plate to observe the wear of the wear block at the impeller runner opening and the wear of the top liner of the whirling crushing chamber. The crusher must be tightly sealed during operation. The distributor is fixed in the upper cylindrical section of the whirling chamber. Impeller high-speed rotation of the air generated in the vortex crushing chamber through the feeder, the impeller to form the internal air flow i from the circulatory system.
  • (7) base: vortex crushing chamber, spindle assembly, motor, transmission devices are installed in the base, the middle of the base for the four prism space for the installation of spindle assembly, and in the four prism space on both sides of the formation of row Material channel. Dual motor mounted on both ends of the base, the base can be mounted on the bracket, can also be installed directly on the basis.
  • (8) Bracket: According to the different working conditions of the crusher - open-air operations or indoor operations, the user may consider configuring the bracket or not configuring the bracket.
  • (9) lubrication system: the use of molybdenum disulfide dry oil lubrication, lubrication of the spindle assembly for the upper part of the bearing and the lower bearing, in order to facilitate the oil, the machine will be the oil pump to the oil cup to the outside of the machine, with regular oil refueling. The impact of impact crusher production capacity of the factors to conduct a general understanding.

In general, the impact of impact crusher production capacity of many factors, in general, there are so five factors, I will be the following five aspects of the narrative and put forward the corresponding solution.

  • 1. Hardness of the material: the harder the material to dry up the more difficult, but also the more serious wear and tear on the equipment. Sand production is slow, low capacity. So we need to pay attention to some of the material selection.
  • 2. Material composition: impact crusher in the material containing the more powder the more the impact of sand, because these fine powder easy to affect the delivery of adhesion. So for the powder content of the material should be more than a sieve ahead of time. The fine powder as far as possible from the material screening out, so as not to affect the impact of the normal operation of the sand machine.
  • 3. Impact crusher crushing material fineness: fineness requirements, that is, the requirements of the sand out of the material the more fine, the smaller the ability to make sand. This aspect to the specific requirements, if no special requirements, the general will be fineness of the material can be set to fine.
  • 4. Material viscosity: the greater the viscosity of the material, the more easy to adhere. Viscous materials in the SBM impact crusher will adhere to the sand chamber in the inner wall, if not timely cleaning, will affect the impact of sand machine efficiency, serious may also affect the impact of sand machine normal jobs. Therefore, in the choice of materials, we must pay attention to the viscosity of the material is not too easy.
  • 5. Material humidity: that is, when the material contains a large amount of water, the material in the impact of the sand machine is easy to stick, but also easy in the material during the delivery process caused by clogging, resulting in reduced sand capacity. To solve this problem, first of all in the material selection time will strictly control the humidity of the material, if the choice of material humidity is too large, can be used sunshine or air drying, etc. to reduce the percentage of moisture in the material.
Performance characteristics of impact crusher
  • 1, the machine is the nineties developed a new type of fine gravel equipment, is currently widely used in the world to replace the crusher, the roller, the ball mill models.
  • 2, the structure of new, unique, balanced operation.
  • 3, energy consumption is small, high yield, broken than large.
  • 4, the device is small, easy to operate, easy installation and maintenance.
  • 5, with plastic function, the product was cubic, the bulk density.
  • 6, the production process, the stone can form the protection of the bottom, the body without wear, durable. 7, a small amount of easy wear parts with special hard wear-resistant material into a small, light weight, easy to replace the accessories.