Construction waste crusher

Construction waste crusher
  • 【Process characteristics】: the whole process of smooth flow, reliable operation, easy operation, energy efficient features.
  • 【Production capacity】: depending on the process may be
  • 【Application】: suitable for construction waste disposal, construction waste broken.
  • 【Product Description】: The introduction of the mobile crushing station to eliminate the cumbersome steel frame structure, the foundation of the building, saving a lot of time. Mobile crushing station can be directly selected venues, directly to the scene, without transport, directly to the finished product size. Especially for small crushing sites, suitable for construction waste disposal, construction waste broken.
Construction waste Social background:

With the national economic development, the national infrastructure is also constantly updated construction, especially the railway, highway construction, as well as the transformation of urban buildings. The development of the city so that a variety of housing construction in the construction, the old building was gradually removed. During the demolition process, a large amount of solid waste - construction waste will be produced. At present, the number of construction waste in China has accounted for 30% -40% of the total municipal waste. To 500-600 tons / million square meters of the standard projections, by 2020, China will also add a new construction area of about 30 billion square meters, the new construction waste will be a shocking figure. However, the vast majority of construction waste without any treatment, it was the construction unit shipped to the suburbs or villages, open piling up or landfill, the consumption of a large number of land acquisition costs, garbage clearance and other construction funds, while the removal and stacking process Of the sprinkle and dust, ash sand flying and other issues have caused serious environmental pollution.

Construction waste crusher production line process:

The product process to construction waste crusher, shaker, vibration feeder and other special equipment will be broken construction, screening. After the sorting of construction waste through a specific iron removal equipment (dry magnetic separator) to remove the iron material contained in the crushed, broken, and even crushing equipment crushing treatment, processed into a certain size of the recycled aggregate , And finally applied to roadbed stone, Mianshaozhuan, cement admixture and many other aspects. According to the production process of gravel material in the construction of concrete in the concrete, waste bricks, stones and other processing and processing, in order to achieve resource recycling. Construction waste crusher in addition to crushing the construction waste, you can also crush some other raw materials: coal gangue, shale, slag, cinder, slag, limestone, ore and other 100 kinds of raw materials.

Construction waste crusher working principle:

Driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at high speed, and the construction waste enters the first crushing chamber and the plate hammer strikes the crushing and then enters the second crushing chamber for crushing. In the process of crushing, not only the formation of construction waste and plate hammer and liner between the impact of broken, but also completed the various hammer and crushing chamber within the stone stone shaping, and finally discharged from the outlet

Construction waste crusher can achieve multi-level crushing for a crushing, but also to meet the needs of grain-structured, broken material size is very suitable for the production of environmentally friendly brick raw materials for the construction waste aggregate recycling DPF construction waste Machine crushing process to provide the perfect solution. The series crusher has the following performance characteristics:

  • 1, with a steel removal device, the host will not be blocked;
  • 2, variable three broken for a broken, simplify the process;
  • 3, the material is fine, less grinding less, good particles forming;
  • 4, semi-open nesting system, suitable for crushing the construction waste containing steel;
  • 5, crusher uniform area of the lining of the design of a reinforced groove, the material mixed with the reinforcement after passing through these grooves were stuck out and separated;
  • 6, supporting power is small, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection;
  • 7, simple structure, easy maintenance, reliable operation, low operating costs.
Factors Affecting Capacity of Construction Waste Crusher

In general, there are many factors that affect the production capacity of construction waste crusher, such as the material lithology, hardness, moisture content and so on, here we come to specifically introduce.

  • 1. Hardness of the material: the harder the material when the more difficult sand, and the sanding equipment, the more serious wear and tear. The speed of sand making slow, of course, sand production will be reduced;
  • 2. The amount of fine powder inside the material: the higher the content of fine powder inside the material on the construction of the impact of the greater the crusher, because these fine powder will affect the adhesion of transport;
  • 3. Viscosity of the material: The greater the viscosity of the slurry, the thicker the particle size of the overflow product, the smaller the settling rate of the ore particles in the slurry, resulting in a decrease in the sand production efficiency of the construction waste crusher.The greater the viscosity of the material, the more easily adhesion. For the material with large viscosity in the construction waste crusher will adhere to the sand chamber in the wall, such as can not be cleaned in time, will seriously affect the construction waste crusher work efficiency, severe will also affect the normal operation of sand making equipment.
  • 4. Material humidity: that is, when the material contains a large amount of water, the material in the construction of garbage crusher easy to stick, but also easy to block the material during the delivery, resulting in sand making sand capacity reduction.
Methods of Improving Production Capacity of Construction Waste Crusher

Step 1: strict control of the humidity of the material: construction waste crusher in the material selection time to strictly control the humidity of the material, if the selected material humidity is too large, can be sunshine or dry way to reduce the percentage of moisture in the material The

Step 2: strict control of the material in the sand powder content: the powder content of the material should be more than a sieve ahead of time. The fine powder as far as possible from the material selected out, so as not to affect the normal operation of sand making machine.

Step 3: Strict control of the hardness of the material: the greater the hardness, the greater the difficulty of the construction waste crusher, and the greater the wear of the construction waste crusher. Construction waste crusher capacity is low, so this requires us to be careful in the choice of materials.

Step 4: Strengthen the daily maintenance of the construction waste crusher.

Construction waste equipment often appear fault and repair method
  • 1, the construction waste equipment itself without rhythm after the sound, the flywheel to continue to turn, but the E plate do not understand, rod spring relaxation. Its repair method, get the nut of the rod screw, take the lever spring off, and then lift the E plate, replace the new thrust plate.
  • 2, the construction waste equipment inside the impact of sound and board jitter. Its repair method, immediately shut down, will handle the equipment inside the broken plate snail fixed, check whether the lack of elastic spring, if it is necessary to replace the spring.
  • 3, the flywheel itself can not be rotated, may be broken work is not carried out, thrust plate fled the control of the bearing. Repair method, check the damage degree of wearing parts, replace the damaged parts.
  • 4, the bearing and broken plate produced between the other abnormal sound or abnormal sound. Repair method, need to check and re-tune the mouth of the device location, check the spring status, decide to tighten the spring or replace the spring.
  • 5, broken out of the finished product size is too large. Repair methods, the need to adjust the discharge port of the adjustment device to narrow the discharge port, if not, you can crush the plate, the next change or replace the new broken plate.
  • 6, broken cavity blockage, the main motor current is higher than the normal operation of the current. Repair method, after the stop, with a wire rope tied to the big stones with a crane to the large stones hanging out processing equipment. Stop feeding, remove the belt machine failure, then try not to stop processing equipment. Stop feeding, to clear the outlet, thus slowing the speed of the feeder, reducing the amount of feed.
  • 7, bearing heat serious over the permissible temperature. Repair method, clear, clean tubing. Repair the oil pump. Clean the pad and replace the new lubricant. Open the bearing, re-scratch the tile to increase the gap, adjust the gap. Replace the appropriate lubricant. Eliminate the cooling failure, so that the oil through the cooler. Eliminate the bearing fantasy cooling water device failure.
  • 8, the bearing oil spill phenomenon, basically occurred in the bearing structure, the oil is from the middle through the bearing rocker parts, from both sides of the infiltration. Repair method, replace the bearing, adjust the gap, it is best to make the gap between the two is greater than the middle of the gap.
Construction waste:
  • 1. Many of the waste in construction waste can be reused as a renewable resource after being sorted, removed or crushed. Such as: scrap steel, scrap wire, waste wire and a variety of scrap parts and other metal, sorted, concentrated, re-furnace, you can re-manufacture a variety of steel products;
  • 2. Waste bamboo wood can be used to make artificial wood;
  • 3. Brick, stone, concrete and other waste crushed, can be on behalf of the sand, for masonry mortar, plaster mortar, playing concrete cushion, etc., can also be used for making blocks, paving tiles, tiles and other building materials Products.