Cone crusher

Cone crusher
  • 【Feed grain size】: 60-390mm
  • 【Production capacity】: 12-1000t / h
  • 【Application】: metallurgy, building materials, road construction, chemical and silicate industry.
  • 【Products】: I produced the cone crusher is divided into: single-cylinder hydraulic, multi-cylinder hydraulic, hydraulic, composite and spring-type cone crusher, suitable for crushing more than a variety of hardness of the ore and rock, with structure Reliable, high production efficiency, easy adjustment, economic and energy saving and so on.
The use of cone crusher

Spring cone crusher is widely used in metallurgical industry, construction industry, chemical industry and silicate plant industry. Suitable for crushing medium hardness and other minerals and rocks, such as: iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, sandstone and so on.

The type of cone crusher

1. According to the use of mineral processing process can be divided into:

  • (1) coarse crusher crusher, also known as rotary crusher, to the ore size can be between 1200 to 300 mm, the mine mouth width of 200 to 75 mm, the production capacity of about 2100 to 160 tons / hour.
  • (2) in the broken cone crusher, which is the standard type, the middle type, jaw rotation as the representative of the cycle is also broken crusher, to the ore grain size of 350 to 150 mm, the discharge port width of 60 to 10 Mm, the production capacity of about 790 ~ 50 tons / hour.
  • (3) crushing cone crusher to the middle / short head type as the representative, to the ore grain size between 100 to 45 mm, the mine mouth width of 15 to 3 mm, the production capacity of about 300 to 18 tons / hour. The latter two categories together collectively as cone crusher.

2. Press the cone vertical shaft support, can be divided into: hanging shaft, that is, the cone vertical axis (spindle) hanging in the upper support point O, the rotary crusher is of this type: the other is the support, that is, Movable cone vertical shaft support in the spherical bearing, standard type, intermediate type and short head type cone crusher is this type.

The working principle of cone crusher

The working principle of the cone crusher is shown above. It consists of two truncated cones - movable cones (broken cones) and fixed cones (hollow cones). The mandrel of the movable eye is theoretically supported on the ball hinge O and eccentrically placed in a hollow fixed cone. The space between the movable cone and the fixed cone is the crushing chamber. The motor passes through the belt drive, so that the cylindrical gear, eccentric sleeve, spindle, movable cone rotation, in the rotation process, due to the role of eccentric sleeve, the active cone of the line in turn close to and leave the hollow fixed cone line. When the active cone is near the fixed cone, the ore between the two is broken. When the cone is moved away from the fixed cone, the broken product is removed by gravity. Broken effect is a squeeze (crushing) based, colleague ore also has a bending effect and break.

The cone crusher structure and function of each part

The rack frame is the entire crusher body, all parts are mounted on the rack, it is fixed on the basis of four anchor bolts.

The transmission shaft part is mounted in the frame drive axle, and its front small bevel gear meshes with the large bevel gear on the eccentric sleeve. The other end of the belt pulley and belt with the motor link. Cone Crusher Shaft Bearings are also available with sliding bearings. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Domestic use of sliding bearings, foreign use of rolling bearings. When the bearing manufacturing quality, assembly and lubrication are very good, the sliding bearing works well, life is also very long, and easy maintenance.

The eccentric sleeve part is made of cast iron eccentric sleeve, large bevel gear and cone bushing. Cone bushings can be made of babbitt live bronze material. The tapered bushings are fitted in the tapered bore of the eccentric sleeve and are cast at the upper opening of the zinc, or reinforced with epoxy. Large bevel gear and eccentric sleeve between the use of H7 / k6 with excellent, and with the key to connect. In order to balance the inertial force of the movable cone member and to bring the eccentric sleeve into contact with the straight sleeve, the top of the large bevel gear is fitted with a counterweight. The eccentric sleeve is supported on a two-piece thrust plate and a set of lattice covers. The top plate is connected with the eccentric sleeve and can be rotated with the eccentric sleeve. Domestic 2200 spring machine with three thrust plate, the order is on the plate for the copper, the plate for the steel, the next plate for the steel. Vintage 2100 spring machine for the four push plate, the order is on the plate for the steel, the plate for the copper, the lower plate for the steel, the next plate for the copper. 1650 turntable crusher also uses four push plate, the order is the same with the old spring machine.

Spherical bearing part of the spherical bearing part is composed of spherical bearing and spherical tile. The spherical tile is fixed to the spherical housing with pins. Spherical tile has a return hole and spherical bearing outer ring with oil ring, to prevent the outer edge of the ball from the oil into the dust-proof water. There is a circle on the spherical bearing seat for the seal ring is used for dustproof water. The lower end of the spherical bearing seat cooperates with the annular machined surface on the frame, which is fixed with a round pin.

The moving cone part of the cone is composed of the body and the spindle, with hot pressing fit together. The outer surface of the movable cone is equipped with a manganese steel liner. In order to make them fit between the middle, zinc or epoxy resin in the middle, the upper part with a lock nut lock. The top of the lock nut is not fitted with a miner. General spring-type cone crusher are equipped with sub-ore plate. His role is to make the ore along the crushing circle round even more uniform distribution.

Cone Crusher Features:
  • (1) crushing force, high efficiency, high capacity, low cost, easy adjustment, practical economy.
  • (2) parts selection and structure design is reasonable, long service life
  • (3) broken product size uniformity, reducing the cycle load
  • (4) sealed with grease seal, to avoid the water supply and drainage system blockage
The lubrication of the cone crusher

The machine in the running of the project, mutual contact with the relative movement between the surface will produce friction. Customer service friction need to consume a certain amount of work, so that the efficiency of the machine to reduce. These frictional work into heat, the machine running unfavorable, friction parts of one of the root causes of wear. Practice has proved that to improve the friction surface of the parts, the most effective way is to rational lubrication of the machine. This will not only improve the efficiency of the machine, but also to extend the life of parts to ensure that the normal work of the machine. Cone crushers often work under more severe conditions and in less favorable environments. Therefore, often keep the lubrication system oil flow, oil clean and impermeable and normal operation, to ensure that the work of the crusher is very important.