Equipment Process requirements Production mechanism Aggregate raw materials

Production mechanism of sand and gravel on the equipment and raw materials have any requirements

Production mechanism Sandstone has become the mainstream of the current social development, not only to solve the market demand for aggregate aggregate, but also effectively protect the original natural environment, therefore, from many aspects are very useful. Production of qualified mechanism of sand and gravel need to have a professional equipment and reasonable process configuration, and secondly, the quality of raw materials is directly determine the quality of the finished product is good or bad, that is, if the construction of aggregate on the high requirements, the need to focus on production The raw materials used in the gravel material, such as granite, slag or pebbles, etc., which will also be mentioned below. Machine sand production equipment is a series of dedicated crushing, screening, transportation and other equipment, large ore only after the first broken, broken and crushing and other links, it may become the construction of the use of aggregate, in general, Create a complete mechanism of sand production line process, equipment and raw materials are as follows:

Sand production process equipment
  • 1, sand preparation site should be away from the quarry blasting area 150 ~ 200m away, to ensure the safety of mining and sand operations.
  • 2, the production of sand is the number of pieces of stone after a break, made of less than 4.75mm particle size of the rock particles, the coarse and broken, respectively, the general use of jaw crusher and counterattack crusher or conical broken Machine, fine sand making machine should use the impact crusher, rod mill, etc., should not use a simple hammer crusher. And the current types of hammer crusher, and some non-special equipment has been difficult to meet the large and medium-sized projects on the production and quality of finished products needs.
  • 3, the mechanism of sand production process parameters, should be optimized according to the characteristics of equipment, and should strengthen the maintenance of equipment, timely replacement of wear equipment, stability, the quality of sand. Sanding machine feed particle size is generally controlled at about 20mm. The fineness modulus of the sand is controlled by adjusting the angle of the shaker and the size of the sieve. The content of the stone powder in the sand is controlled by the process and the characteristics of the equipment.
  • 4, the system of sand powder content, should be dry or wet powder in addition to the process to adjust, and according to the specific circumstances of the appropriate choice in addition to powder equipment. The use of powder equipment should be applied to all levels of sand production. Dry powder in addition to dust collection equipment can control the sand in the sand content of 7% to 10%. Wet powder in addition to the choice should be used wheel washing Sand Making Machine, should not use spiral sand washing machine.
  • 5, the processing of a good mechanism in the sand 10 consecutive times (sampling per hour) sampling test, there should be at least 9 times the fineness of the modulus and 10 times the average size of the sample size difference of not more than 0.2.
  • 6, the mechanism of sand should be according to specifications, level were stacked, the mechanism of sand storage site requires cleaning and hardening. In order to prevent the separation of particles, the material should be sprayed with appropriate amount of water, dry sand stacking height is not easy to more than 5m, and take the necessary measures to prevent dust flying, pollute the environment, to avoid mud and other debris mixed.
Production mechanism of sand on raw materials have any requirements
  • 1, the new sand field, mine resources should do a good job of investigation, should avoid the use of thicker soil cover, sandwich with more mud, rock strength and low rock and other layers of poor quality of the mine.
  • 2, for the processing machine sand of the mother rock, should not have a potential alkali-aggregate reactivity, compressive strength should not be less than 80MPa. It is advisable to use artificial rocks such as limestone, dolomite, granite, quartzite, diabase and basalt to produce artificial sand. It is not suitable to use artificial rocks such as mudstone, shale and slate.
  • 3, the stone field to determine the artificial or mechanical removal of the surface covered with soil or weak weathering layer, so that the rock exposed. In the mining, should prevent the soil, weathered rock, roots, turf and other debris mixed.