Promote the product innovation process of ultra-fine milling machine

Today is widely used in the powder industry in various fields, make every effort to create more value for our users, it is the market and customer demand for continuous development, technological innovation has been applied continuously, has long been progressive The In just a few years, the milling machinery for a number of successful technical improvements, and constantly use of technological innovation to improve the core competitiveness of the mill business.

Since 2000, the production of the mill to obtain a number of technical patents and practical technical breakthroughs: in March 2002, designed to produce 1200 grade fineness grading machine. May 2003, the first milling machine export equipment in Vietnam officially began production, opening the company's international development path. May 2004, the design and production of the first mill was successfully used in high-speed asphalt modified technology projects. August 2005, design and production of processing 2500-purpose feldspar ultra-fine milling machine grading system. In September 2006, the organization set up a manganese ore powder center, directly responsible by the company's deputy general manager; through more than 20 technical improvements, greatly improved my plant mill equipment on the manganese ore processing unit time production, saving energy , And extend the service life of the mill. September 2006, the company passed the ISO2000: 9001 international quality system certification, through the scientific quality management system, product quality has been greatly improved.

January 2007, torsion prototype test success, yield and fineness than the traditional Raymond machine has greatly improved. May 2007, grinding 650 Ultrafine Mill test machine 3500 head of a great success, marking the ultra-fine powder in the domestic equipment processing enterprises came to the forefront In June 2007, the first vertical equipment was delivered to customers and received high praise from customers. In April 2008, the first large HC1700 mill was delivered to customers and successfully put into production. August 2009, six new HC1700 large-scale milling machine in Guizhou three and manganese production, for customers to create satisfactory value. HC1700 large-scale successful performance of the mill full of domestic large-scale milling machine market blank. Today, the country's major manganese ore producing areas of nearly 400 manganese powder processing enterprises using milling equipment and services. Although it has made no small achievements, but still in the customer's needs, from the customer satisfaction concept, and strive for buyers from around the world to provide quality products and first-class service. Users need, it is we to build; customer satisfaction, it is we always pursue. People more than 10 years of continuous innovation, beyond the self, challenge the limit, and strive to provide customers with 100 percent quality products. People believe in product quality is the life of enterprises, but also pursue the integrity, pragmatic and efficient operation of the country, and always adhere to the quality of the brand to build powder to enhance the service brand. Depth implementation of 6S management, to create a world-class milling machine With China's WTO into the deepening, 6S management "has become a modern factory effective on-site management concepts and methods, is the enterprise to the internationalization of the inevitable choice The