The Ultimate Goal of Shibang: Create Value for Clients and Achieve Win-win

Recently, Mr. Du, the sales director for domestic market of Shibang paid a return visit with his team to the site of a client in building material and mining industry in South of China.

The efficient operation of the equipment and the generous hospitality of the client moved Du to compose a poem on site. The poem reveals the happiness of both sides in cooperation, and the client intends to cooperate with Shibang in other projects, which shows their trust in us. We clearly know that the trust lies from the two excellent hydraulic cone crushers on site. In the past, the client used the composite cone crusher supplied by a Company in China which burned the copper bush 5 times in 2 months, while the multiple-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can meet the design requirements in output, fineness and performance index, and the normalization of the production line has recovered great economic benefit for the client. We hereby introduce you the multiple-cylinder hydraulic Cone Crusher with such excellent performance.

Equipment Description

[Mesh size of feed]: 10-350mm

[Production capacity]: 50-1200t/h

[Applied area]: Crushing building stones and metallic minerals, etc.

[Applicable materials]: Cobbles, limestone, dolomite, granite, rhyolite, dolerite, basalt, ferrous metal, etc.

Spotlights of the Equipment

1. Structure upgrading brings high efficiency, alloy steel fastens the principal axis, super bearing capacity of the equipment; installed power is the largest among the same models, small volume, high efficiency and low noise.

2. Integration of hydraulic and lubrication saves the input cost of the hydraulic and lubrication, and achieves real-time monitoring of the equipment.

3. Automatic control of the equipment, full-hydraulic operation, more accurate automation adjustment and faster response of automatic protection.

4. Good shape of laminating crushing grain, more efficient lamination crushing, less abrasion in vulnerable part, and the finished grains are cubes.

5. Multi-cavity type conversion, which makes the crusher serve several purposes, and replacing several parts such as the cavity type plate can converse different cavity types so as to meet the requirements of intermediate crushing and fine crushing.